To know God and to make Him known

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Classical Conversations licensed groups are parent-led learning environments. Parents are on site with their children at all times, learning from other parents, alongside their own children. Parents collaborate in this way to meet once a week for two terms. Community day is a day for parents and children, as life is so much richer together. The call to which we respond is to love God, love our neighbour and to love ourselves. We can do it all in community. We are not dropping off our children, we are dropping in with them, to laugh, to learn and to live, joining weekly in the big conversations of life.

Classical Conversations parents educate themselves and their children, whilst serving others as they seek to equip parents in their community. Together, parents work to provide an efficient and suitable education for their own children as they elect to educate them otherwise than at school under the Education Act (s.7).

Excellent academic knowledge, timeless learning skills and lasting peer and parent relationships is the natural outcome.

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Classical Conversations believes that the purpose of education is to know God and make Him known; we also believe God has trusted that purpose to parents. Classical Conversations gives a unique opportunity for parents to be equipped and encouraged in the raising of their children using the most natural skills of learning, through the classical tools. We believe education is best experienced together and that’s why, when you’re a part of Classical Conversations, you belong to a local community by design.

As we learn in community, everyone is introduced to various ways of learning new things, asking questions and integrating ideas. Seeking the relationships between ideas helps us to develop a better understanding of the ideas, ourselves, the world and our God.

Parents can find more information about this in our catalogue. There is also a free, downloadable guide linked below that outlines the need for the classical model, the method of employing the model, and the core knowledge associated with the model, i.e., reading, writing, maths, geography, history, science, and fine arts. We'd further recommend looking at the appropriately-named Classical Christian Education Made Approachable, a small book that should help answer many of your questions. All of these resources can be accessed via the buttons below.

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As a Classical Conversations parent, you may wish to become a Classical Conversations local community leader. Parent Leaders facilitate parent and family get-togethers, hiring local venues and gathering weekly art and science resources. As you grow in learning and enthusiasm within your local community, you may yourself desire to become a classical skills leader. Alternatively, you may simply attend your local community, joining with your family to learn classical and other skills.

Once parents enrol their family in a local CC community, they are connected to a robust online resource library to complement the programme level(s) in which their family is enrolled. With a wide array of resources from printable activities, video tutorials, e-zines and more, they also have instant access to the programme Guides, not to mention the forums, where questions and ideas can be shared among a global community of members in 59 countries.

Note: Classical Conversations runs no regulated activities, and therefore no Community Day is ever a drop off for children as all parents stay on site all day and remain responsible for their children at all times.

What is Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations supports elective home educating parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: Classical, Christian, and Community.

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