A Changing of the Guard

By 2008, Classical Conversations had 9,500 students and over 400 directors in 30 states. And in 2011, just three years later, Classical Conversations had over 38,000 students with communities in 45 states and a few foreign countries.

The next few years went by like a blur as CC continued to grow rapidly. Leigh began hosting a weekly radio show in 2008 about homeschooling and classical education and created a new company, Classical Conversations MultiMedia, to produce CC curriculum and textbooks. This new addition created demand for greater warehouse and distribution space, so CC built a new headquarters and warehouse building in West End in 2010, and yet another warehouse in 2013.

In 2012 Leigh stepped away from the leadership of the program she had created 15 years earlier, and it was Classical Conversations’ very first student, her oldest son, Robert, who became the new CEO.





 Classical Conversations