New Community in South-West London

Are you looking for a home education community in South-West London?

If so, read on 🙂

Next week I launch a new Classical Conversations community in my home in Chessington. When I say “community” I use the term loosely, right now it comprises of my kids and me!

Who are we exactly?

My name is Teresa, and we have three kids, Thomas (7 yrs), Timothy (5 yrs), Talitha (4 yrs). Last year we moved to London from Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I lived for more than 30 years.

I am originally from Sri Lanka though (yes, I’m a bit of an international woman 😊) and my husband is British. We met in Dubai in an evangelical church where he was training as a pastoral intern. I worked for 12 years in Emirates Airlines and have a background in computing and a Masters degree in Strategic Project Management.

Why home education?

We did not plan to home educate our children, in fact, we had plenty of reasons against it! Yet, we were always intrigued by homeschooling families at our church in Dubai. Our kids have previously gone to public school in both Dubai and London, and although we were concerned about certain facets of public schooling, we were generally satisfied.

The first half of 2020 however, was a pivotal moment for us: with schools shut down we got the chance to test out home education. We realised that our children were flourishing and we prayerfully decided to go for it!

In July we formally de-registered our kids.

What is Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations (CC) is both a curriculum and a community. And it is distinct in that it is classical, and Christian.

We stumbled upon CC as we were researching different educational philosophies and curricula. We were especially interested in the Classical (Trivium) approach and were quite excited to find that there was a growing community of UK Classical home educators.

I joined the Classical Conversations UK Facebook group earlier this year, and it has been a blessing getting to know the ladies who are working around the clock to set up CC in the UK.

As we begin our new community, we are trusting in the Lord for grace, power and wisdom.

Did you say Christian?

Yes. Our supreme objective in homeschooling is that our children would gradually be conformed into the image of Christ. I’m passionate about learning, and I’m excited about the possibility of “redeeming my education” as they say in home education circles.

A significant part of Classical Conversations is the community itself. It is how we teach together, learn together, and encourage one another in this adventure.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

We would love to connect with families in South West London and Surrey who would like to join us.

Please send me an email at to find out more.


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