An American in London

In 2018 God called me to begin homeschooling our eighth-grade level (Year 9 in the U.K.) daughter much to my confusion but His providence. We found a local Classical Conversations community in the U.S. and seamlessly plugged right in with an army of veteran homeschoolers. After completing our first year with Classical Conversations, I finally believed this was something I could do regardless of how intimidated I was to teach through high school. My flimsy one year of experience somewhat assuaged the countless stories I had heard of other families who...


The Light Burden

As my boys approached ten and twelve years of age, I found myself floundering with their education as we had known it at home. We had spent many years reading beautiful books aloud together, going for walks and exploring nature, maths, reading and writing. During this time, God had blessed our family with three lovely girls, and home education had been achieved in the midst of real life with all of its beauties and struggles. Seeing the boys...


Juggling Work and Learning

We started our home education journey in 2013 when our son finished pre-school. He had flourished and been loved by his teachers. As we looked at school options, we were not convinced we could find a similar setting that would be the best place for him. He was five and so young. Would he benefit from more outdoor playtime, learning experiences, us his parents nurturing his interests? Should we delay his start from a year? We then came across...


Classical Conversations and Charlotte Mason

Since before having our first child, my husband and I always knew that we wanted to give our children a Christian Education having been through the state system ourselves. So, when our daughter missed out on a place in our local Christian School, we stumbled into home educating, just until a school place became available, of course. During the first term of Home Educating, we found ourselves educated in what a Christian Education truly is and by the end of the first term, we knew that sadly our local Christian school wasn’t it. We had a wonderful time...

Our First Year of Classical Conversations

My husband and I had decided we wanted to provide our children with an education that was Biblically based, paced at the right level and inspired a love of learning. Home education was an obvious choice for us. However, my husband had concerns regarding friends for our children and opportunities for learning with others. I started to look for and attend home education meet-ups and soon was introduced to Classical Conversations. I had never heard of the curriculum before and...


Newfound Hope

We left the school system because our children weren't being educated. We want them to love books, to treat culture with admiration, to treat every branch of knowledge as a source of wonder and as a step towards acknowledging the presence of the sacred.


A Warm Welcome

We joined Classical Conversations' Oxted community 3 years ago. I heard of the classical education model from a friend who mentioned the Well Trained Mind book before having a meeting with [my local community director]. So far, we have only experienced the three cycles of Foundations. My two kids...


Oxted Community Beginnings

When I first started to home educate, I felt very alone. I would go to local home education groups for the sake of socialisation, which were mostly secular, and in all honesty, I disliked them. I could not tap into the Christian homeschool network. I enquired about a Christian group in London; however, they were an exclusive group. I felt very discouraged in my home education journey...





 Classical Conversations