Finding the right homeschool curriculum is an essential task for every family, but it can be a tiresome process as well. With so much information out there, how do you know which curriculum is the best?  What should you look for in a homeschool curriculum? 

Start with Goals
First thing to consider when reviewing a homeschool curriculum are your goals. You should have well-defined and reasonable goals for your child. These goals should be based on nurturing your child’s soul so they can take on any challenge the Lord puts in front of them as adults. The curriculum should be targeted to help you achieve the goals you set out for your child.

Learning Style
Determine your child’s learning style and adapt to them. Each curriculum is different, but choosing the right one means that your child is able to understand the information and learn from it. Consider questions such as:

  1. Is my child a visual, tactile, or auditory learner?
  2. How much involvement should I have?
  3. Does my child thrive independently or in a cooperative group work environment?
  4. How much time is needed to prep for each lesson to best present the information for my child’s learning style?
  5. How much writing is involved in each lesson and is my child okay with that?

You may have more questions, but this is just a sample list of what to consider when reviewing a homeschool curriculum. Every child is unique in their own way, so make sure you choose a curriculum that best suits their needs.

Teaching Style
The homeschool curriculum provides tools to help parents teach their child. Your style of teaching may affect which curriculum is the best fit. Some homeschool curriculums were written with lessons that are meant to challenge the student. Other curriculums are less intensive and allow for more planning. The advantage of homeschooling is flexibility. It is up to each parent to determine which lessons should be taken out and which should be a focus.

Finding resources to help supplement the lessons may get costly. Textbooks can also get costly. Field trips take time and money as well. Take advantage of resources around you. There are two tools at your fingertips that can help supplement a homeschool curriculum.

  1. Library
  2. Internet

Both of these resources are a gold mine of information and depending on your accessibility, may cost you much less. These two resources can help boost your homeschool curriculum because they are able to provide another outlet for learning. The library is a great place to do research and do homework…you can even make it a family outing! The internet is a virtual library but bigger! After a few internet searches, you may find free lessons and online videos that your child can use as supplements to help them better understand the subject.

These four key points should be considered the next time you review a new homeschool curriculum. It is important that the curriculum helps your child accomplish the goals you set for them. You should consider both your child’s learning style and your teaching style when picking the new curriculum. Lastly, consider your budget. Make use of the library or the internet whenever you can. These resources are free and full of information that can help make teaching your child easier. The next time you review a new curriculum it will be a breeze when you keep these four points in mind.