Classical Conversations is coming to the Learn Free Home Educators Virtual Conference

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Classical Conversations allows you the flexibility to:

  1. Meet once a week in a community for around half the year
  2. Give you half a year ‘off’ with the freedom to explore many other ways of learning
  3. Share the joys and responsibilities of learning alongside friends
  4. Do all the regular activities you would choose to do for the other four days a week, including spending half an hour a day singing songs to learn (over 24 weeks);
    1. The entire timeline of 160 events from creation to modern times (this takes 13 minutes to sing!);
    2. Twenty-four sentences about history;
    3. Twenty-four science questions and answers;
    4. Multiplication tables (through to fifteen times fifteen) plus squares and cubes, conversions, and maths laws;
    5. Continents, countries, counties, capitals, and physical features around the world;
    6. Twenty-four definitions or lists from English grammar;
    7. Latin vocabulary lists, conjugations, declensions, and John 1:1–7 in Latin and English; and
    8. The Kings and Queens of England
  5. Being astonished that number 4 is actually not only possible but enormous fun, not to mention bonding
  6. Each week in community tackling map drawing, memory work, science experiments, presentations, art projects, fun and games for the under 12s
  7. Weekly in community adding on writing skills, maths games and learning English Grammar for 9-12s
  8. Six hours of seminars a week enjoying literature, discussion, formal reasoning, science experiments, Mock Trial, maths, writing, logic and  Latin, science, debates and presentations in a seminar setting similar to the university model for 12-18 year olds
  9. Support and friendship – communities run by parents for parents and children
  10. A pathway through to higher education

This may sound hard, but it is easier than you think. Click here to sign up and watch the replay.






 Classical Conversations