Get Inspired With 360° Homeschool Room Tours!

Setting up the perfect homeschooling space can be tricky.

"How do I arrange the furniture?" "Can I have a co-working space with my kids?" "Where do I store all of this curriculum?"

Sure, I can check out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas, but how many real-life homeschooling families can have rooms that perfect? Those spaces may be pretty, but I certainly can't compete. People actually live in my house, for goodness sake!

It's time to get inspiration from REAL homeschooling parents!

Now, thanks to 360° recording technology and a great group of families, I can see what ideas work in real-life! These parents have opened their homes to the Classical Conversations film team and are here to give us the grand tour. From setup to storage and everything in between, these folks are sharing their best tips with the world!

How do 360° tours work?

Check out this video for a quick introduction:



Now, check out these inspiring school spaces!



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