Leigh Bortins Speaking at Solid Rock CHESS UK Conference

The Rock Solid CHESS Conference is happening at the end of October, 23rd-27th online this year, featuring many impactful Christians in Education!

Our very own Leigh Bortins, the founder of Classical Conversations, will be speaking on the final day of the conference. She is scheduled to be on Tuesday 27 October at 12:30, to talk about “Classical Education: The timely conversations of a timeless education”

We also have Jodi Battley, Academic Advisor for Classical Conversations UK, speaking on “The Restful Pursuit of Beauty, Goodness and Truth”
on Saturday 24 October from 10:00-11:00.

And thirdly, Yinka Hurst, a Support Representative for Classical Conversations UK, will be speaking on “What is a Classical Education? and What is Classical Conversations?” on Monday 26 October from 10:00-11:00.

“Our ancestors determined that collectively our children are more members of the state than citizens of heaven. I love my children. Therefore, I declare that they are heirs to a kingdom, servants to the people, and brothers of the King’s Son. Of course they will receive an education formed by these presuppositions. I declare that for eternity they will pursue beauty, goodness and truth. Of course they will receive an education developed towards this end.” –Leigh Bortins in her book The Question

If you are a CHESS member, the fee for the conference is just £5 and for non-members, it is £15. You can find out more information on how to book tickets or become a member here: https://chessuk.org/rock-solid-conference/





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