What if we move?

Moving is hard on a family. Whether it is an upward career decision, a job relocation, or part of military life, moving is
For Classical Conversations® families there is one less thing to worry about: the children’s education.
With communities across Great Britain and even in forty-three other nations, chances are good that there will be a Classical Conversations community where you are headed.

If there is not a community already formed in the area, we can help you start one! Foundations and Essentials programs all over the world do the same cycle at the same time, so if you move, your children can join the new community without missing a thing; also, all Challenge programs use the same guides and the same core materials, so students can also transfer successfully from one Challenge program to another.

Family moving into new home

Is there a Classical ConversationsĀ® community where you're moving?


Sports and Fine Arts

With Classical Conversations, students who seriously pursue sports or arts find the perfect balance of accountability and flexibility to help them achieve their goals. Classical Conversations students compete in Olympic-bound tracks in rugby, soccer, and gymnastics. Many strive for professional dance and theatre careers, dedicate their time to music ministry, or thrive as entrepreneurs. Having all their academic classes meet at one location on one day a week allows students the flexibility to be in the gym, on the field, on the ice, or on the stage whenever they need to be.