Oxted Community Beginnings

Please note: This testimony was shared in 2021. Some specifics, such as community locations, may have changed.

River of Blessing

My name is Yinka, I am married to Jamile Hurst, and we have six children. I currently direct the Classical Conversations community in Oxted, Surrey. 

When I first started to home educate, I felt very alone. I would go to local home education groups for the sake of socialisation, which were mostly secular, and in all honesty, I disliked them. I could not tap into the Christian homeschool network. I enquired about a Christian group in London; however, they were an exclusive group. I felt very discouraged in my home education journey. 

Our family moved to America as missionaries. This is where I came across Classical Conversations. I had not heard of a Classical, Christian Education, and did not even understand the concept; I just knew I wanted to belong to a Christian community. It was so refreshing being part of a community of Christian parents. I kept remembering the scripture Psalm 1:3 “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water………” I felt like that tree finally getting water, and the fruit was this rich Classical Christian program. I loved every moment of it, and my children thrived. We then had to move back to the UK. I remember thinking I cannot let go of this incredible classical education. I had hoped there was a community in the UK, but it turned out there was not. I was determined to continue Classical Conversations with my children, so I thought if I am going to continue it, I may as well open it up to other families. Having been part of a community in America, I wanted to try and replicate it. I never wanted to start a Classical Conversations community because of the move back to the UK, and I was pregnant; it seemed all too much, but I had to answer the need. So late September 2013, we started our first UK Classical Conversations community, in my house with another family, in January 2014, three more families joined. By the grace of God every year new families have joined, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God” Heb. 3:4.

Now our Classical Conversations community resides in Oxted, Surrey, and is always nearly full. It is possible for anyone to start a community as I did; Classical Conversations have created a network of support, so you never feel alone. If you feel you would love to be part of a Classical Conversations community, but there is not a community near you, I would say start one, nothing is done in our own strength, looking back over the years I know I had little to do with the success God did it all, as Christians, we need to get out of the boat. God will equip. God will forge. God will bring growth.  






 Classical Conversations