What is the parent's role?

In the early years, parents attend community day once a week with their children.

The parent-trained tutor leads the group of children (no more than eight students) while modelling teaching techniques that the parents can use at home.

When students begin to attend community without their parents (usually around age 12), the parent-trained tutor stays in close relationship with each parent. Even then, parents are always welcome to observe.

Parents remain the primary educator of their child, tailoring the assignments at home to challenge students in areas where they are strong, or come alongside students and offer support in areas where they are still growing.
We believe the sole responsibility of education lies with the parent; our parent-trained tutors do not usurp that role.



Classical Conversations parent-trained tutors have been cultivating a love of learning for over 20 years.

They do this by modelling learning and being encouraging and supportive.

We partner with homeschooling parents who love to learn, and we offer three days of specialized preparation during the summer and ongoing training through monthly online webinars and self-directed online training tools.