3 Reasons People Love Classical Conversations

When it comes to homeschooling through Classical Conversations, there are many things parents love. Here are some of the most popular comments summed up from dozens of Classical Conversations reviews:

1. “Love the Support Group”

One of the strongest components of Classical Conversations is the support groups available to each family. Parents love seeing other families with the same Christ-centered values. It not only provides accountability to keep students on track but it brings much needed encouragement--to parents and students. Staying in good fellowship with other Christian families is an essential part of the Christian faith as well as setting up your family for long-term educational success. Classical Conversations is not just a means of education. It’s a community. These support groups surround you with the resources and confidence you need to give your children the best Christian education.

2. “Great for Equipping Students for Life, College and Career”

Classical Conversations was designed to prepare students long-term success in life, college and career. This is because the curriculum doesn’t just focus on what to learn, but how learn. The key difference here, from other educational choices, is the focus on thinking and reasoning. Classical Conversion’s proven programs will not only prepare students for what they will face after graduation, but they equip students with tools to apply logic and think Biblically in any situation they face. The requirements for presentations and public speaking also prepare students for the real world by growing their communication skills. Graduates of Classical Conversations have been admitted to over 200 unique colleges and universities. Most go on to successful careers, military service, missionary work, and more.

3. “The Cost is Very Doable”

A unique aspect to Classical Conversations is that it rewards community involvement. Parents that volunteer as tutors in the community are compensated so that they end up greatly offsetting their children’s Classical Conversations education. Some families have saved $12,000-$25,000, over two years, while students study in the comfort of their home and community.  This provides parents, especially those of large families, a unique way to afford a high quality, Christian education for their children.


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