What about secondary school?

The Classical Conversations Challenge® program is a weekly program for ages twelve to graduation that offers rigorous academics, leadership from trustworthy mentors, and positive peer relationships through the high school years. The Challenge program prepares students to succeed in university, career, sports, missions, or service in a changing world, but more important than that, it prepares students for life—for anything God calls them to do.


Keep It Real
Students shouldn’t settle for only excerpts and textbooks that strip their education of discovery. In the Challenge programs, our goal is to keep it real by reading original documents and complete works. Challenge students...

  • Don’t just read about literature—they delve into full-length novels by classic authors such as Hawthorne, Melville, Dickens, and Brontë, and entire plays by Shakespeare in the original language, not just modernised excerpts.
  • Don’t just read about philosophy—they linger over actual dialogues by the philosopher Plato.
  • Don’t just read about the British government—they read and discuss its founding documents.

Be Ready for Anything
Using this rich material as content, students will practice tools of learning that allow them to tackle any new subject with confidence. Challenge students...

  • Don’t just receive information—they are ready to research, challenge ideas, write persuasively, and present their conclusions to their peers.
  • Don’t just observe—they are ready to participate in science labs, mock trial, formal debates, presentations, and discussion leadership.
  • Don’t just cram and dump—they are ready to share what they know and receive helpful feedback from their parents, peers, and tutors.

Refresh Your Thinking
The Challenge programs break down the artificial boundaries between subjects, and between school and the real world. At the centre of this model for homeschooling through high school is our mission: to know God and to make Him known.

  • Don’t pigeonhole yourself as a “maths person” or a “literature person”—become an adult capable of knowing God and making Him known through every subject you study.
  • Don’t fragment your education—celebrate integration and discover surprising connections that point back to our Creator.
  • Don’t distance yourself from what you learn—apply your learning in your community and around the world.

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"Challenge prompted me to look for and pursue God in every aspect of my education, and my life in general, and allowed me to develop leadership skills. Challenge equipped me to be able to learn whatever I set my mind to."

—Challenge Student

“It’s called ‘Challenge’ for a reason. The class discussions will shape your life. It is completely worth it.”

—Challenge Graduate

“In the teen years it seemed as if my children needed more than I could give them. The program gave us a purpose deeper than just going through the motions! It invoked and valued their input, making what they were learning more personal and valuable.”

—Challenge Parent