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International Homeschooling

Classical Conversations communities may be found in a number of international locations, including Asia, Canada, Ethiopia, Guam, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Through online webinar-based business and academic orientation, as well as our subscription service CC Connected, we make special provisions for missionary families who are unable to join a community but wish to pursue Classical Conversations at home. Please contact International@classicalconversations.com for details.

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International Postcards from...

"As the pioneer Challenge community in Singapore, we are thankful for God’s faithfulness and the curriculum support from Classical Conversations (CC). Though our community is not in the U.S., there is enough support, which empowers our learning journey. Over the past two years, through Challenges A and B, we have had the blessing to witness the students grow in commitment, perseverance, and intellect. They are enriched as they travel on this path of classical and Christian education."

—Anju Charles Tupili (CH B Director)
Singapore, Singapore

“CC helped our family verbalize our purpose for homeschooling: “to know God and to make Him known.” We weren’t just meeting yearly requirements and checking boxes. We are learning about our Creator. We are building a family culture around Christ. We are learning together as a family and as a community.”

—Angela V. (CC parent)
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“Knowing that I’m being educated using the same method as many of the great minds of the ages gives me significant confidence for my future.”

—Maleigha S. (CH I student)
Okinawa, Japan

“Moving overseas can be intimidating. I left a phone message with a question and received two phone calls and an email back within 30 minutes, offering help. The support quality keeps with the high education standard Classical Conversations stands by. Thank you!”

—Tiffany S. (CC parent)