What About Socialisation?

In community, parents and students find companions who can share the journey. Parents and students meet once a week throughout the school year. Each community consists of programs that are facilitated by a trained parent-tutors who model the classical tools of learning.


Classical Conversations® motivates and encourages students to complete assignments. We provide parents with suggestions on how to homeschool, and we encourage both parents and students to aim high in their academic aspirations.


In a community, parents find the support and encouragement they need. Likewise, students develop wisdom under the tutelage of trustworthy mentors and positive peer relationships by learning together, working together on projects, and challenging each other.


Raising academically and spiritually strong children is a difficult task that requires accountability, planning, and encouragement. Classical Conversations® encourages adults committed to quality education to form communities where their entire family will be loved and sharpened by other families.

Meeting with a trained tutor once a week helps families continue to homeschool from primary school, through secondary school, and all the way to graduation.

Learn more by visiting a community. Local communities offer open houses so that interested parents can observe a community in action.