The Future Is Bright in CC’s 20th Year

Today, more than 105,000 students from over 43,000 families participate in Classical Conversations programs in almost 2,500 communities. These communities are led by over 15,000 contracted directors and tutors and are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 15 foreign countries.

In addition to constantly revising and enriching its curriculum, CC has also added additional services for homeschooling families, including an online bookstore, practicum training for parents, standardized testing services, test prep classes, an academic transcript service, academic counseling services, college credit through the CC+ program, and national academic competitions in memorization and math.

Not surprisingly, CC corporate outgrew its facilities once again and has now moved to a far larger campus a few miles up the road in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

“Our stretch goal is 1 percent of all students by 2021, which would be about 580,000 students,” Robert said. “In order to have enough leaders to reach this goal, we will need to hire and train about 50,000 tutors, directors and other leaders. It is scary, honestly. We set goals to reach, but, ultimately, if we continue to strive to meet our mission of helping ‘families pursue classical, Christian education by learning to know God and to make Him known,’ the rest will come.”





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